Enjoy all Your Minneapolis Saint Paul Activities in a Limo

The Midwest is known for its snow and beauty. If you have not traveled the Midwest or ventured in the cold during the winter months… you are in for a real surprise.

In many popular publications and articles, Minnesota had been known for its beauty and lakes, hence the nickname “the Land of 10,000 Lakes”. There is Twin Cities Magazine, Minneapolis Live, and Minnesota Living that all show claim to MN being one of the best states around.

Minneapolis Saint Paul is known for its Vikings, Twins and Timberwolves, but also for its seasons of change. During the winter months you can find millions of people skiing, sledding and snowmobiling around the white puffy stuff without a care in the world.

In the St. Paul – Minneapolis area people hate that it is so cold but love when there is a fresh snow fall for all the outdoor activities. MN has a ton of ski resorts, snow shoeing trails and fat tire bike riding. If you are an outdoor activist, you will love the twin cities.

In addition to the outdoor activities, Saint Paul is known for its festivities around the holidays. Majority of the homeowners in the nice neighborhoods decorate their homes with festive lights and blow up Christmas characters to bring a smile to everyone’s face. Around the holidays it’s such a pleasure to run or walk around the neighborhood and look at all the decorations and the things folks put up or hang to get into the holiday season.

The best way to enjoy the best holiday light shows in the Twin Cities area is to hope into a St. Paul Limo and ride around with your family or best of friends with a bottle of bubbly and clinging of champagne glasses to boot.

The twin cities has so many season light shows and tours that limo rides book up very very fast. You should definitely call or schedule a limo company sooner rather than later to get the best limo at the lowest price.

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Creating a Digital Marketing Product

These days, it seems like creating your own online business is all the craze? And why not? Starting your own business aligns with the lofty visions that everyone has of being their own boss, working when they want, and spending their time as they wish. Basically, living life on their own terms and escaping the rat race rather than trading hours for money.

A little bit of motivation for ya, how to conquer your fear of starting a business, from the incomparable Seth Godin:

SQUIRREL!The problem is, there are so many ideas and avenues to pursue out there, how do you know what to go after? Personally, I alwayshave the shortcoming of chasing whatever is shiniest…look a squirrel! 🙂

But seriously, it’s hard to know where one should invest their time, money and passion. Should you sell physical products, provide a service, or perhaps go after something like affiliate marketing or some other niche corner of internet marketing?

More and more, I’m starting to agree with those that say marketing your own digital product is the way to go. Primarily because you’re providing value to the desired audience, assuming that you actual create a good product for people to buy/download. But looking at things logistically, it makes sense because in a way, you’re seeking to set up a passive stream of residual income. Continue reading Creating a Digital Marketing Product

Girl’s Night Out

Let’s talk for a moment about bachelorette parties, shall we?

Last weekend,  a bunch of girls got together and did the whole bachelorette party thing. Pre-game, dinner, party bus, and all in all a crazy night out downtown after a stop at Shouthouse (love that place!) But honestly though, it’s getting to the point where it’s all getting tired.

Maybe it’s just my age talking and I’ve become an old lady, but this kind of thing was a blast in college, and even the few afters after graduation, but at these days I honestly think I’d rather spend quality time with a tighter circle of friends, doing some fun activities. Yeah that might involve going out to the bars or going dancing, but just not to the extent that we did this weekend anymore.

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Welcome to the Bookshop

phoneThe future of book publishing may very well E-book or online self-publishing. With the emergence of Amazon and their Kindle technology, more and more people are limiting their reading to the online version of the printed medium.

Though it may seem simple, there are still a number of hurdles that authors must overcome in order to successfully publish and bring their work to market. Least of which is the stigma associated with self or specifically, electronic publishing. There still seems to be a bias towards traditional methods of publishing your book; perhaps that includes going through a literary agent and signing a deal with a publishing house.

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Fiction vs Non-Fiction

Call me crazy, but I’ve always preferred non-fiction to fiction books. I only say crazy but it seems like it comes this preferences breaks along gender differences. That is to say, that guys tend to like non-fiction more while most girls like fiction. Perhaps I’m generalizing here, but that’s how it seems to me at least.

Not sure what it is about fiction, but I’ve just never really gotten into it consistently. There are some title that I really liked; off the top of my head, I can think of:

  • Fahrenheit 451
  • 1984
  • Game of Thrones!!!!

But for the most part, fiction is not my cup o’ tea. Not sure why, maybe I just didn’t really like the books they made us read in school as kids, and that distaste for fiction carried over into my adulthood? On the other hand, I always found non-fiction books much more interesting, particularly ones that gave insight into things I had no previous knowledge of before.

One big example I can think of, is having to read the book “the Power Game” by Hedrick Smith. It was fascinating insight into how Washington, D.C. really operates. The major premise being that it’s everything is a shady manipulation run by the triumphverate of Congress, the military, and private defense contractors. If you have any intersest in this sort of thing, I highly recommend the book. If I recall, it’s a LARGE book though, so don’t let that deter you.

Anyways, getting back to the non-fiction thing, I like books that discuss topics that I previously didn’t know too much about. Maybe it’s a sign that I just like to learn? Or maybe I’m just too ADD to follow along with made up characters and plotlines LOL.